Hake Bobotie

As part as my Fish Fanatic role, last week the online store Delish Fish  delivered a box of fresh fish packs to my door. Did you know that despite being an island, it could take 3 days for fresh fish to reach market/shop stalls. In the future I will make sure I ask my fishmonger "how old is that fish in the window?"
Signs of the times if  you order direct online, it is likely to beat this timescale Delish Fish does, but then again there is no harm in asking to make sure. As far as I am concerned this is the ultimate luxury or rather the way it should be.

Like a lot of people who love fish, I am after taste and texture and in order to get this, you have to be slightly clever around your fish and explore the possibilities. 

My parcel contained wild hake and various salmon filet which I will be the subject of another post.

Hake which is a deep-sea (over 1000 meters under) fish of the cod family, with less and less cod to go round this is a great alternative. Hake will not win a fish beauty contest, it is rather ugly; in France there is a recipe called Hungry Hake, very likely only because of the way this fish looks like. Hake is a meaty white firm fish, though soft to start with, it firms up and keeps its shape when cooked so ideal for pies and stews. The taste similar to cod but milder and I think sweeter.

The fish fillets arrived individually wrapped in a special box with a cooling system so to keep all the freshness. I wanted a recipe which would add to  the fillets, a recipe which would not be overpowering. I opted for a wonderful South African curry, I made a Hake Bobotie. I chose a recipe from Fish is the Dish (where else!)

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