Product Review: Hotel Chocolat Your Eggscellency (TM) Extra Thick Easter Egg

With three days to Easter, if you have not yet got your special Easter treat bagged up yet, "It is time to panic". There is no shortage of choice so your only problem is what to get. Turn to a one-stop chocolatier and you should be fine

Hotel Chocolat is fast becoming just that. The company offers to cater for all the needs with
their Easter Gifts range. A range which stands out for its originality, its clever design and the quality of the chocolates.

Starting at £5 with Nibblatron tins and its cute little eggs, a timeless winner with kids to the outrageous Ostrich Easter Eggs at £70.00. At Pebble Soup HQ we opted for the middle of the range Your Eggscellency, the Extra Thick Easter Egg.

The attraction was, I have got to confess, the 12 truffles nestled inside an extra thick exterior. The Bison Grass Vodka truffle flavoured with my favorite herby Polish vodka should have been the winner but the contest was though and the truffles with Champagne dusted in strawberry powder and these smooth operators with white port made it impossible to decide. 

We also loved the egg shells themselves, no skimping on chocolate here, extra thick it is. To top it all, the family will not argue this Easter as which to get dark or milk chocolate as you half a shell of 70% dark chocolate and the other half 40% milk chocolate.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Your Eggscellency Extra Thick Easter Egg  to review.


Fuss Free Helen said...

I really like the Bison Grass truffles. Apparently the suggestion was made by some of the Polish employees at the HC factory.

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Thanks for dropping by. How interesting that HC is listening to employees.



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