Product Review : Vanish Stain Removers

Vanish has asked me to talk about tea stains, red wine stains, in one word stains removal. Why me? have they lost their mind? In lots of ways they came to the right person. OK, I am a little more messy than the next blogger but moreover I have a lot of opportunities to be so.

When I tell people what I do for a living, there is a sort of immediate physical reaction their eyes narrow to a slit. I can almost read their thoughts, "here is a fibber". I try very hard to convince them that it's not all fun, there are risks involved.

I won't go as far as, food-writing is a risky business but there are some inconveniences: stains are one of them. Invariably I find myself advertising the menu on my clothes. It might be why people's eyes slit they are trying to read the marks on my garments.

If you are around kids, cooks and/or of course food bloggers, you will know that stains are a pain. They need that little extra care with a product that works. There is no doubt that Vanish gets rid of stains and if you are not certain that it will remove a specific mark, look at Vanish stain removal tips page.

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