With a little help......Sheperdhess Pie & Rousquilles

Food is the  new rock'n'roll and food bloggers more and more in the limelight. With so much activity around us, it's sometimes difficult to stop and thanks the bloggers who are grafting behind the scene and make a real difference to our meals by bringing up little known recipes.

My aim with this post is to thank the bloggers who have helped me with Sunday dinner when neighbours gathered around the table. Always a tat nervy to cook for others and when you are a food blogger, people expectations are high.

Going against the etiquette. Instead of writing the recipes up, I am going to link to their original post and let other bloggers do the talking. 

The main course is a Shepherdess Pie a recipe from Food to Glow. A blog which features healthy  recipes with a twist. A blog I came across when I wrote the Ten at Ten for the foodies100.  

With coffee we had Rousquilles. Mine don't look exactly the part but Phil in the Kitchen creations are the real McCoy with their story as a bonus. Enjoy Phil's Rousquilles.


kellie@foodtoglow said...

Thanks for featuring my Shepherdess Pie on your menu and on your blog! Hope you and your friends enjoyed this lentilly take on a lamby winter staple :D

Phil in the Kitchen said...

Thanks so much for making the rousquilles. I have to admit that it's not one of my shortest or simplest recipes, but it does bring back some lovely memories. I hope you enjoyed them and didn't get too frustrated with the recipe.

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Many thanks for showing me the way. I like to serve a vegetarian treat for a change and the rousquilles are just delicious.



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