Fun Easter Eggs at Waitrose

This Easter, there is a wonderful selection of eggs in all shapes and sizes. Pebble Soup was invited by  Waitrose to a spring presentation of their spring collection including Easter Eggs .......before Christmas.
Though may be not the best timing as most of the focus was directed on birds rather then eggs, it was striking even then that Easter was going to be fun and in all probabilities price-wise much more reasonable than in the past.
Their chocolatiers have put together a Woodland Friends range: adorable chocolate characters, Spike the Hedgehog and his friends, Ollie the owl and Hop the frog (£5).
If I had to predict the future leading trend for years to come, I would say that the DIY chocolate eggs will become more and more popular. Afterall, chocolate Easter eggs are rather easy to make. Even easier if the egg comes in kits and here we have Mr Potato Head and friend eggs (£9)
Of course, there is a range of gorgeous eggs for adults too (around £10) but my real favorite this year are chocolate eggs presented in egg boxes, you will see them in lots of retailers, here is what the Waitrose  Easter pralinĂ© ones look like.....sorry two are missing due to an unfortunate case of "eating the props."

Disclaimer: Thank you to Waitrose PR for provide samples, I was in no way asked to write a review, words are my own.

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