Heap's of Greenwich

When I mention that I live in Greenwich, invariably I am asked, "Where is a good place to eat?" Greenwich though smallish is divided according the three cardinal points, yes we are still missing one!
North is where the 02, or the Dome as it is known locally, is. Then there is East Greenwich where visitors are unlikely to stop, as the attractions are mostly in West-Greenwich which is where there is a myriad of food places of all sorts, including food chains with their standard, nothing wrong with but unimaginative dishes.
The choice is vast and there are a few gems to recommend. One of them is Heap's, the sausage shop. Yes, one can get a bite to eat at the sausage shop and it's highly recommended to do so. Heap's sausages named after his creator the chef and gourmet sausage maker Martin Heap is located opposite Greenwich theater, not far from where David Day Lewis grew up.
Right from the shop front with a few tables and a cheerful layout, there is a welcoming feeling to Heap's. Step inside in a relaxed atmosphere a few more wooden tables, a large sausage bar and at the far-end of the shop a glassed-space where sausages are made from whole cuts of meat. No trimmings which results in a non-greasy, quintessentially meaty sausage in a natural case.

Cooked on site, the menu changes every season, winter 2012 saw a new range of subtly seasoned Simply Sausage along a range of flavours inspired by Martin's travels, real merguez hot and spicy, Cajun or Italian the choice is yours, in a bun on a roll or straight. They also serve a mean coffee and I am told great cakes.

Heap's sausage shop will not be the cheapest choice for a quick bite but it's certainly one of the best and while you are there you can pick up a string to cook at home, a souvenir from Greenwich.

Opened from 9-6, 7 days a week
8 Nevada Street
Tel: 020 8293 9199

Disclaimer: I am a Heap's customer but  I was also send a sample of Recipe Number 1 to cook at home.

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