Higgidy, The Cookbook

Camilla Stephens by her own admission didn't have a head for school. When she tells the story of her beginnings she is quick to add "if you have a child in this position, do not despair" indeed from slow-pupil she went on to built one of the fastest growing small companies in the UK.
Camilla is chief pie-maker and creator of Higgidy. A company which employs about 200 people who hand-make pies. A passionate cook, she could talk about pies for days and she does.......The Higgidy Cookbook includes 100 recipes, that is a lot of pies.
Well they are not all pies, some are tarts, other parcels and then there is the pies with mash toppings such as Venison Sausages Pies with Parmesan Mash or these other little creations in a bowl with a pastry hats and then there are the sweet pies, the Christmas Turkey Pie, even the Wedding three tiers pie.
She doesn't stop here, the book tells the reader all about how to craft a good home-made pastry and which veg to serve with your pies. You see what I mean it's coming from all directions, it's full of passion, accessible and the recipes are easy to follow.
A real cookbook by a genuine cook. I loved it and a lot of others did to, so it seems as it is topping the chart. Up there with the celebrity chefs Christmas books 
I leave you with a taster Lemony Asparagus and Ricotta tart.

The Higgidy Cookbook is published by Quercus  RRP £16.99

And now I am off on holidays, will see you in 3 weeks.

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