Fish Friday: Mackerel Pâté

How about getting lunch ready in 10 minutes? With all the omega 3 oils required from your two portions of fish a week. And without plundering the fish stock. Yes, it's lunch on mackerel. Mackerel Pâté to be precise

Mackerel doesn't have a good reputation, it's often accused of being too....fishy, sure the taste can be rather powerful. it's the reason why, for this recipe, I choose canned mackerel rather than the freshly smoked kind.

There are various schools about the ingredients in a fish pâté. Though there is only a couple of ingredients in the mix, people will argue for sour cream or cream cheese, creme fraiche. My choice is mayo any day.

Then there is the texture should is go in the food processor and be smooth or coarse mashed with a fork, I vote for the latter, less washing up.

Mackerel Pâté
1 small tin of Mackerel, drained
1 tbsp Mayonnaise
lots of pepper
optional fresh herbs  chopped such as dill

Put everything in a bowl and mash with a fork
Serve on toasts

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