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Lists, I worship lists. Do I have a Bucket List? you bet; and each time the plane touches down in London, my mind wanders off to the next destination. It hasn't always worked out. At times, I have had doubts, would a place let my dreams down? have I invested too much into "my" ideas about a destination?

Imagine how liberating it would be to leave your Bucket List to Lady Luck. That's exactly what is doing for you with Places to See Before You Die. Input a few details including your interests, (photo is optional, but rather fun) and hey presto, your personalised list appears on a cute passport, accompanied by all sorts of information on the various destinations.

And here is one I prepared earlier:

So what did I think of my new lists of places to see? Here are five of my favorite destinations from the list:

Borneo in 2018 when I will be 54

Holidays = sea and what better destination that the third largest Island in the world. When I was in my 30's, I went to Indonesia on the drop of a hat. It's a place which is close to my heart. During one of these visit, we went to Borneo. We lived on a boat while going up rivers in the jungle. We stopped to play with Orang-outans. Borneo is a destination up there with my best travel memories and I have been longing to visit the Malasian side for a while for all its attraction and not only because the food might be fantastic.

The Dead-Sea in 2028 when I will be 64

Here Lady Luck got confused. I visited the dead sea and really, this was not my cup of tea. 
I almost lost my life when we were sent to a mudspot, way out of the beaten track by some jokers who thought they would play a trick on these silly foreigners. 
Got to admit, it was stupid of me to run to the sea not realising that the brown patch in front of me was some kind of "quick mud," incredibly hot, bottomless and in the blink of a eye, I was sinking.......Got out by a miracle, very burnt and trembling with fear.

The Transiberian in 2032 when I will be 70

Travel is the motto. Often it is not the destination that matters but the journey. There are journeys which are mystical. By the age of 70, I'll probably be patient enough to travel this incredible route. The longest in the world, stretching  from Moscow to Beijing, crossing through Mongolia. Another excellent guess here, I look forward to it.

Rottenberg in 2040 when I will be 76

Germany, never figured anywhere on my own list but what is nicer than a  surprise? Rothenburg ob der Tauber looks as pretty as a picture. Can't beat a medieval town centre awash with wooden beam-laden buildings. 

Rothenburg is situated in Bavaria, on the Romantic Road. When I'll slowly head towards 80, I hope that romance will still be on my mind. However, if it's not the first thing on my mind then, Rothenburg sounds quite tranquil and relaxing, I also read that it has a very nice market. site offers more info about each destination, read more about Rottenburg

Katmandhu in 2046 when I will be 82


It's a fun game isn't it. As it's a game, I cheated a little. Katmandhu appears earlier on the list of places to see before I die but I wanted my fictitious journeys to end on the top of the world. I can well imagine revisiting one of the first places I visited. For the symbolism, for the big wheel of karma, In order to close the circle. What a lovely idea.

If you'd like to create your own bucket list here is the link again

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