Tassimo : A Review

From a coffee culture to another. A different kind of coffee ceremony, this time enhanced by a barcode system: coffee, cocoa or tea brewed by Tassimo Fidelia T40, a name reminiscent of a Star Wars robot, here applied to a new (to Pebble Soup) coffee machine.

The "old" espresso machine is a stylish chrome plated joby, the ultimate Italian "bang-bang". Coffee has to be compressed, handle firmly wedged in, gorgeous to look at but not very clever.

So it's going to be replaced by easy to use Fidelia. When I say easy to use, there are some basics to grasps and I made a video to illustrate as I struggled a little.


Nutrition content: take cappucino drink at 3.5g fat, 60cal and 3g sugar, it's less than most commercial brands.

Without being the Italian job, Fidelia T40 looks good and is very compact.

The range of brew is ....vast. Even tea is on the menu.

Good price (£119) compared to other machines.


The pods are on average £4.00 for 8 which tots up really quickly.

It's a single use which of course can be repeat therefore perfect if you are on you own or at the office but you'd be stretched if there were two of you; I can't see how you would make a party of 4 their brew without spending 1/4h doing so.

The quality of the brew is constant but has a definite commercial taste to it.

Ingredients in certain pods: added sugar and transfat.


I can see why people swear by "clever" coffee machines: it's easy, it's fast, it's clean the drinks have a constant quality to them and that is without mentioning their variety.

Personally, I miss the quirkiness of mechanical apparatus, the freedom of choosing more than a couple of brands and the long term cost means that I might not use it as often as I could.

This post is in association with Argos.

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