Pairing Wine & Desserts at Christmas

Let's travel back in time, casting out mind to July when most retailers promote their Christmas goodies. This year as always Waitrose had an impressive display, desserts and starters leading the way.

Concentrating on desserts, beside the amazing Ice-cream logs and by the way, Ice-cream seems to be the trend this year, 

 There are fun biscuits for people like me who can't bake a biscuits but like to pretend they do.

The eternal cupcakes have also made a grand apparition on the Christmas table

Of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a cake and/or a pudding

The major difficulty with dessert is to match them with the wine, an art which we don't all possess. So Waitrose has produced an infographic which is going to help no end.

Disclaimer : I was commissioned this post by Waitrose, all words are my own and I was not ask to write a positive review

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