What's New in the Kitchen # 7

This month "what's in the Kitchen" reveals a few secrets. It is time to lift the veil to show what has been kept hidden, let's start with, 
Secret attraction: shaped cheese. My French friends have a generic name for it: "silly cheese" going even further by saying that anything which is not a "natural looking cheese" which I suppose means a block or round-shape, doesn't deserve to be called cheese.
Well sorry, Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Cheddar Sticks are smooth, no annoying crystals and have a very strong flavour, exactly the way I like my cheddar.
Three months ago, Pilgrim's Choice launch these ready made portions, with the snack-market in mind, since then they have proven very versatile and if you manage to refrain yourself and don't snack on the lot, they are great to cook with. 
RRP: £1.70
Secret failure: I have to come clean, I can't boil rice.
It's invariably too mushy or undercooked. but now I can produce rice cooked to perfection every time.
The trick which will never fails: Tilda basmati range. It is not limited to white, there is a whole range of cook in the pouch basmati rice, sweet chilli and lime, bbq, coconut and many more flavours.
RRP: £ 1.60

Secret Santa :OXO Tot Range. Their feeding set to be precise, which was a winner with the latest addition to Pebble Soup's taste-testing family, little Manon age 2. The fluo green was the first attraction although it comes in two other colours. But the clincher was the design which very clever. The ring at the top is curved and removable. This seems to put an end to adults and toddlers' frustration, hardly any food "jumps" over that silicone barrier.
 The whole range is curve therefore pleasant to grab and the bottom of the plates "stick" to the table making the range worthy of its full name OXO Good Grips.
Though you may need a babe with Manon's delicate mouvements to demonstrate it. I suspect that with a more boisterous kid, the adhesion process would not work so well.
RRP: £17.97


Disclaimer: Thank you to the companies which names are mentioned above for sending samples for review. I wasn't asked to review positively, all words are my own.

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