Liver Schnitzel

Liver Schnitzel
There are over 500 recipes on Pebble Soup. If you discount the odd pâté, none of them include offal. Personally, I blame school dinners and the 70's/80's family attitude to meals which was very much along the lines "eat it or lump it".
As kids we accepted the food given to us, that we liked it or not. Gluttons ate it all, more choosy little people became obstinate and developed dislikes which would last a life time.
It's possibly the treatment of offal in slaughter houses and in homes that now partly results in these cuts disappearing from our plates. Offal have got a powerful taste, treat them like any other piece eg: chop, chop, chop, off you go, in the casserole...will not work. They need a bit of preparation and care.

When we arrived in Vienna, it was late evening, finding a place to eat proved difficult. We ended up seating in a large empty Italian restaurant managed by Lebanese owners and a charming waiter. Later we were told that Viennese waiters are rude and grumpy, it's in their job description. But that night I would have defy any waiter not to smile back at my huge grin and childish expression when I ordered "liver pleeeease."
The liver dish asked for, with so much glee, was a Liver Schnitzel. Thin slices of pork liver in batter, with an emphasis on thin. Cooked this way, the taste of liver comes through but isn't sickening. It was a delight.

Day 2 and time for Schönbrunn Palace, the Habsburgs' summer residence. Situated on a hill, it has the most incredible views of Vienna. Here the air is clean and fresh, no wonder empress Elisabeth, known to the world as Sissi, loved it.

Known to the world, apart from my partner who had never heard of her and kept calling her Zizi which of course had for effect to bring back that childish expression, a few chuckles and the urge for another liver dish.
Food facts:
Liver is full of vitamin A and contains little fat.
Liver Schnitzel
  • 4 thinly sliced Pork liver.
  • Flour to cover slices of liver
  • 1 eggs Whisked (if you cook for 2, keep the egg whole)
  • Bread crumbs
  • Salt and Pepper

  • Method
    First dip the slices of liver into flour and then in the egg. Coat with the breadcrumbs.
    Fry at low temperature until golden brown.

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