Spinach Pie Olga

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Spinach Pie Olga
Hands up these of you who recall the Scardale Diet. It's a 14 days diet with strict meal plans, minimum alcohol and a couple of very low calories days per week.  
Does it work? yes, it does, the first time, the weight loss can be spectacular then like all these diets, the second time round the loss is lesser and in between you've possibly gone back to your old habits, your body is now storing fat faster and you have created vicious circle which is going to be hard to break.
Having said this, Scardale contains a couple of cracking recipes, Spinach Pie Olga is one of the delicious ones at 75cal and less than 5g of fat per portion, it's a good addition to a meal.
Now for the murder: Dr. Herman Tarnower, cardiologist and author of The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet died age 70 murdered by his lover who was 20 years younger than him.
Nothing to do with the diet.
The man was a womaniser and after a 14 years relationship, one day she blew a fuse, grabbed a gun, got to his place, found underwear belonging to another and blew his brains, she was convicted of murder. I'll let you draw your own conclusions mine is that crash diet don't work.
Back to :
Spinach Cheese Pie Olga
500g frozen chopped spinach
3 eggs, beaten 
170g cottage cheese ( you might as well make it low fat ) 
2 slices bread, dipped in water and then squeezed out
20g grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 190 degrees C. Thaw spinach, add salt and squeeze out water, let it cool
In a bowl add other ingredients, mix it all up, add the cooled spinach
Press lightly into bottom of 9-inch pie pan (use nonstick pan or coat well with no-stick vegetable spray).
Bake approximately 40 - 45 minutes.
Serves 4

As this recipe is great to add vegetable to a pack lunch or as a veg starter to dinner, I enter it in Extra Veg a challenge with a prize run by Helen and Michelle of respectively Fuss Free Flavour and Utterly Scrummy

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