What's New in the Kitchen #8 : "That's Weird"

This month, I am looking into "the un-usual-s" which arrived at Pebble Soup HQ in the past month or two.
From Pilgrims Choice, a brand new generation of grated products, grated Cheddar "version 2.0". "How is this weird?" I hear you say. 
Well let me explain: We love "cheats" which cuts preparation time. We are all busy, in a hurry, bladibladibla.....hence, the grated cheese market phenomenon. Who would have thought that we would buy grated cheese instead of grating it ourselves.
Moreover the grated cheese market is one of the fastest growing in the cheese industry.
Cause to effect, in order to satisfy customers' demand, Pilgrims Choice have come up with a new range: The Crumbles.  Equally diced cubes, 4mm thick which melt more evenly and faster than home grated cheddar.
Does it work? yes, the result is creamier as in softer, less dry, even melt is achieved, it's just a little ...freaky and it adds a premium of £5 or more per kilo of everyday value cheddar which you'd grate yourself. Is it worth it?

To see a chapati pan in a western kitchen is a little weird. Sometimes, you don't know what you are missing before getting it and that is exactly what happened with this chapati pan. 
At Pebble Soup HQ we were blissfully unaware of a gap in the pans department until we were (virtually) hit on the head with Lakeland's Chapati Pan.

This is an absolutely fabulous implement. It's a flat slick surface which radiate heat all throughout. What they don't tell you, is that though it's designed for chapatis and flat breads, it's also a fab griddle for vegetables and I am certain there are many hidden uses in that rimless, non stick, pan. Pancakes spring to mind.

I love it and if the kitchen was to burn down, I would save the chapati pan too.

A salt grinder is a salt grinder. Right.
Wrong. How many times do you use your salt grinder per day? think about it.
Something as useful utilitarian as this, deserves consideration.
It needs to be cute enough for you to want to look at it when you use it. On that score, OXO salt grinder is...not winning, I am afraid. It's a little chunky, not desperately elegant.
But then for functionality, it ranks up there. Easy visibility, means that you'll never run out of salt at seasoning time. Five choices of grind is more than anyone wants but it's reassuring to know that grinder will provide from fine to coarse at a turn of a wheel and I vouch for it, that worse

But, best of all OXO salt grinder seats on the "turny" bit so, no more rings of salt on the work surface. 

Disclaimer: My thanks to OXO, Pilgrims Choice and Lakeland who provided samples and photography for review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review, opinions expressed are my own. I didn't receive financial compensation for these reviews.
Products RRP: Lakeland Chapati Pan £17.99
OXO Good Grips Salt Grinder £16.99
Pilgrims Choice Crumbles are available in three different varieties Mature, Mature with Black Pepper and Extra Mature with Breadcrumbs and Herbs £2.80 (180g) 

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