Round up - Vanilla Recipes for the Spice Trail Challenge

There were high hopes for the Wow Vanilla!  we were not disappointed. Recipes are mouthwatering. Let's have a look in details at your entries showcasing vanilla. 

Round Up ( winner is announced at the end of this post :)
As the host, I opened the festivities with a recipe from the archives. Ricotta and Vanilla is a tasty combination and never better than in a bun filled with  blueberries.

The buns were quickly followed by Margot's from Coffee 'n Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Babka. A Bundt-style cake inspired by her traditional Polish roots. Babkas are baked in Poland for Christmas and Easter but if you ask me this recipe looks yummy for any day of the year.

Linsy joined in, not with one but three sweet recipes. Her Egg-less Tutti Frutti and her quick Brazilian Coconut Rice Pudding are both inspired by recipes she had bookmarked. My favourite of the three has to be her Carrot and Zucchini Cake Bars with Citrus Icing; who can resist a slice of moist carrot cake?

With Camilla's Fab Food 4 All entry we learn that, "Every tin of Danish Butter Cookies has a Vanilla Wreath" so vanilla is not only a favourite of ours it also appears to be a favourite in Denmark too. 

The following entry arrived rather earlier one morning, around breakfast time to be precise. Sent from Elizabeth's Kitchen it was really hard not to bite into the screen. Don't these Boston Doughnuts look fantastic.

Ness at Jibber Jabber UK told us that, "Bundt Cakes are addictive". She and her daughter had a choice of cocktail or mocktail flavours for the Clandestine Club Cake they regularly attend and they came up with a Fruit Cocktail Bundt Cake. Imperial looking cake - alcohol free -

Dairy-free bites from Helen at Family-Friends-Food full of vanilla, almond, apricots and white chocolate what a treat. Great if you are looking for a new snack idea. 

If it was slightly bizarre for Vanester of Bangers-and-Mash to enter her own challenge on somebody else's blog, that didn't reflect in her deliciously creamy Old Fashion Vanilla Ice Cream

While at Food Glorious Food, Charlene was playing with her food and vanilla essence with success. Just look at the result, her Sweetie Spectacular Cake is a joyous explosion of sweets.

Choclette at Chocolate Log Blog opted for a Rapsberry, White Chocolate and Poppy Seeds Muffins. When I met her at a Lactose free products event where this breakfast beauties where prepared by a Michelin Star Chef, she promised to enter The Spice Trail with a fresh recipe. I wasn't counting on one straight from the oven.

Cooking a cake in a rice-cooker is not ordinary so it took me a little while to comprehend what was going on here. What a good idea Nasifret of By The Way...had and what a lovely result: Lemon Sponge Cake

The excitement mounted up at the sight of this Vanilla Spiced Fig Relish by Lapin D'Or, full of savoury goodness, dried figs soaked in red wine enhanced by vanilla. But was it to be the last of our savoury recipes?

Shaheen at Alloment to Kitchen (A2K) offered a teaser. Her Vegan Rhubarb, Vanilla and Pomegranate Tart, a Creamy vanilla tofu with pomegranate which sparkle like jewels was at the time of publication a work in progress. To see the recipe ....forward to early June on A2K.

 For some reason, it never occured to me that Vanilla Extract could be made at home. But of course, it can. Sarah Jane shows us how from The Tales of the Kitchen Shed.
It's only fitting that Vanesther closed the round up. A lovely surprise recipe. A savoury dish with Vanilla: Beef and Guinness pie

Time to hand the baton back to Vanester. But not before thanking everyone who took part in this month's Spice trail and to swing by our sponsors and announce their decision on the winning entry.
And the winner of Wow Vanilla is:
Naturally Good Food had a bit of a task. Choosing a winner was not easy. After much deliberations, in the end the staff picked the Fruit Cocktail Bundt Cake posted on Jibber-Jabber UK by Ness. Naturally Good Food told us, The Bundt Cake "looked slightly unusual and inspired (them) to download the recipe to have a go" what better result can you get?
Congratulations to Ness who will be receiving a gift of organic essences, we want to see what she and her daughter will come up using them.


Jibberjabberuk said...

Goodness! Thank you very much for featuring me and for Natually Good Food for picking me as this month's winner. There's so many delcious recipes so it's a privilege to be picked out from them.

Pebble Soup said...

Indeed, I wouldn't have like to choose. Congratulations again and keep in touch what you & your daughter bake with the prize.

Shaheen said...

The vanilla entries this month have all got me drooling at the screen, but i have to admit the fruit cocktail bundt cake got me all excited too, so well done to Jibber Jabber. And THANK YOU Solange for such a lovely write up and for hosting The Spice Trail this month.

Anonymous said...

Such a delicious array of vanilla recipes. Thank you so much Solange for hosting so beautifully last month, you did an amazing job, and I'll definitely be calling on your services again I think! June's theme for the Spice Trail will be revealed very soon...

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Hi Shaheen,

I seldom host challenges but when I do, I always come up with a renewed admiration for the bloggers who run them. It's a lot of labour of love. I am very glad I did this time round it felt right and I think it shows in the round up.
thank you for a recipe with a difference

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Hi Shaheen wasn't it lovely. Do not hesitate to ask me again and thans for the opportunity.



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