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What was The Curry Garden in Blackheath (SE3) is now Le Bouchon, owned by wine expert Jean-Philippe Tessier. 

First things first, if you think that "un bouchon" is type of restaurant in Lyon offering traditional Lyonnaise cuisine such as tripes, quenelles and coq au vin, you are perfectly right.

 Now it's where it becomes confusing: Le bouchon in Blackheath is not "un bouchon", it's a bar à vin but not a wine-bar as we know them in London.

To start with in this bouchon, there is no cooking going on, food is delivered to the premises once a week, by cheese and meat specialists. In view of the fact that bouchons lyonnais pride themselves on their cuisine, we have a misnomer. Once you've realised that, you are fine.
Le Bouchon though not Lyonnais has a typical French feel: wooden tables inside and outside. The tables "en terrasse" are a vivid reminder of bar-cafés. There are large windows opening on the pavement, slate board with "les vins du jour", lots of wood in the décor and it's all very pleasant.

Le Bouchon offers a selection of amuse-bouches priced between £2 and £5, Charcuteries and Cheeses at £15 for 5 pieces, desserts made by "la fromagerie Beillevaire" and gorgeous, gorgeous bread baked next door by Boulangerie Jade.

La piece the resistance is the wine. With over 120 different wines on offer there is a glass, a carafe or a bottle for everybody. I like the idea of a carafe, usually a pint or so, common in France, less so this side of "La Manche". The staff are all experts and will advise according to your preferences.

All the food is of excellent quality. Personally, I discovered saucisson au Comté which I didn't even know existed. If you want a natter after work over a perfect glass of wine accompanied by a snack or three  or you are meeting friends up before heading somewhere else, if you have a romantic "rendez-vous", this is a good place to stop by.

Le Bouchon
72 Tranquil Vale
Blackheath Village

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Disclaimer: I enjoyed the hospitality of Le Bouchon and was treated to the Blogger's menu.

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