Long or Round : Beetroot Salad w/ Yogurt Dressing

Beetroot Salad w/ Yogurt Dressing
Did you know that not all beetroots were round? Some are elongated, not only that but they come in several colours, white, golden yellow and all shades of red with the darkest being purple.
Though fascinating as it is, there is more, their taste vary too. Sadly in the shops when beetroots are found they are red, round and pickled. So it's a matter of hunting markets or use your power of suggestions on friends with an allotment.

Personally, it's until I tasted fresh beetroots that I started to like them as I find the pickled ones rather unpleasant. Vacpack is possibly the best way to cook beetroots.

I boil them until soft rather than oven cook them. It might be a crime but somehow it's quicker. The trick is to make sure not to pierce the skin and to leave 6cms of tail and leaves so that the roots don't bleed.

Once cooked, let them cool and delicately push the skin away from the root, slice, season and serve with a dressing. Yogurt dressing is the best for this dish
Simple Yogurt Dressing for Beetroot Salad
  • 250ml natural yogurt

  • 2 tsp cumin seeds, roughly ground

  • 1 clove garlic, crushed

  • Sea salt and freshly ground pepper (white is best, black is fine)

    Mix all the ingredients together, it's as simple as that. If you have the time, let the sauce to infuse but that is not highly necessary.

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