Spiced Halloumi & Courgette Skewers

Up to very recently, we used to have a "friends pre-Christmas "thing"" where small presents were exchanged, big dinner enjoyed by all. On one of these occasion J. aged 6 shyly came to me with a bunch of magic wands. "These are for you" she said, squinting at me and wiggling her nose in the process.

I kept my wands for years, each rod of wood topped with a sparkling star either gold or silver. It's difficult to recall how many times, I wished for my wands to be magic, to sort out small problems. I don't think I would let magic sort out the bigger issues.

Last week, as I was scouring the shelves looking for dinner inspiration, I spotted a packet of Santa Maria enchilada seasoning mix and skewers. Plain sticks of wood, no star, neither gold nor silver, as I picked one up, the halloumi packet floated in front of my eyes.

Halloumi is  one of these ingredients which is easily overlooked. We are not really used to it and very often we don't know what to do with it.  It's a semi hard/ewe or goat/ cooking cheese from Cyprus. Springy more than chewy, it's also rather salted. So would I dare mixing Mexican spices and Cypriot cheese. Yes was the answer after all it was mid-week and I needed a speedy meal with a bit of magic.

Spiced Halloumi & Courgettes Skewers
1/2 packet of seasoning mix
1 slab Halloumi diced
1 courgette slices
2 tbs oil
Don't use salt that's provided by the cheese
In a large bowl mix the oil and seasoning mix
Add the halloumi and the courgettes
Alternate one halloumi cube with one slice of courgette on a skewer (will take 4/5 pieces
Grill for 10 minutes
Serve with green salad or rice

because it's nice to share I am entering this recipe in Maison Cupcake and Feeding Boys' monthly challenge


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