Fish Friday: Maple Ginger Oven Baked Salmon

Diet easy dinner maple salmon fish recipe
There is a chef in the world of chefs whom I admire greatly. Thanks to @MitchTonks ' books I learnt enough about cooking fish so that I have no fear going out there and experiment on my own.

This guy can teach anything, give me a side of salmon and Tonks' "Fish Easy" and I'll cure it, the salmon not the book.

I learnt, for example that fish continues cooking once off the grill or off the oven and that if you ever have a fish larger than 1lb, you shouldn't try to wedge it in a pan as oven is the best method for cooking a large fish.

When it came to prepare a couple of salmon slices, I was ready, off they went in the oven but not before getting

The glaze treatment:

Home cooking is not only what you can do, it's often  depends on what you have in the pantry. Maple syrup isn't part of everyday essential but keeping a bottle indoors is very useful, for desserts but also for savouries and brilliant when it comes to glazes.

To balance things up a sweet glaze will need a kick. In this recipe chilli and ginger provide the necessary heat. Lime and soya will give the acidity required to cut through the fatty taste of the salmon.

Have a go and let me know


2 Salmon fillets     
4tbsp of maple syrup      
2tbsp of soy sauce     
1/2 lime juice and zest
1 clove of garlic
1 inch of ginger
chilli flakes to taste (replace with powder if necessary but make sure it has a kick)


When cooking fish in the oven, it's "best to start by preheating the oven to maximum. Add a few glugs of good olive oil to a heavy roasting pan." advises Tonks.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, place the fillets in a dish.
Pour the marinade on the fish
Place the fillets in the roasting pan, careful at this stage it will be hot.
Lower the temperature to 230C/mark8 and cook for 10 to 15 minutes
if you have the time you could marinate the salmon in the glaze first.


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