Asparagus Soup

Asparagus soup #nationalvegetarianweek

I have written over 600 posts for Pebble Soup. With time, it would be pleasing to think that I know the recipe to write recipes.  That would imply that no blank screen is "scary" and by enlarge it is true.

Except when it comes to asparagus. Pretty much everything has been said about this spring vegetable. Comments have been passed on the increased UK production, now grown all the year round, soon we will not depend on Peruvian spears.

Even the Guardian devoted space to mercaptan, the sulphurous component which will make some people's pee smell, depending on the genes.

You see, there is little I could add to all this therefore I will let this much loved vegetable do the talking with a soup recipe. One word of warning though the amazing fresh spring green colour will depend very much on the asparagus cooking time, don't be tempted to overcook them and always salt the water before dropping the asparagus in.

Asparagus soup
400g of asparagus (cut off the woody bit a the end)
600ml vegetable or chicken stock
pinch of salt
a squeeze of lemon
ground pepper
To get the right consistency keep the proportions
Bring the stock ( personally, I favour chicken stock) to boil, add the salt, drop the asparagus in for 5 minutes
Liquidise transfer back to the saucepan add the lemon, the pepper, warm the soup for a little longer and serve.

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