What's New in the Kitchen #11 : On the Go

When hunger strikes, snacks and bite-size are handy. At Pebble Soup we have tried new products and here is what we think:

Nature Valley -Two New protein bars -  RRP £2.89 for 5 I am a fan of Nature Valley range. Their two new bars at 140 calories are available in multi-packs of 5 or individual bars. Both peanuts flavoured one with chocolate the other with seeds.
          When I tried them out, at first, I loved them, soft and tasty, the chocolate one looks really indulgent with its chocolate base. Then came along another brand to taste. Was it enough to change my mind to which is the best bar?

Yes, Tracker's Crunchy peanut bars RRP 1.99 for 5 with 127 calories at first glance looks smaller but the salted peanut taste comes through much stronger and therefore is more satisfying, so you would have thought that the winner had been found.
It was without counting on the Fabulous Bakers' bars RRP 1.50 for 5

The bars are unusual as they are thick and you can really taste all the ingredients. They are soft and not too sugary but they are not all equal in taste, in my opinion some work better than others. Mango and Pineapple tastes really fresh. This bar was my favourite. Between 130 and 150 calories per bar.

Each of the three brands had they own qualities: Nature Valley's looks indulgent and sometimes a little "pick me up and makes me feel naughty" is required. Tracker's taste indulgent with all the salty and peanut taste as for the Fabulous bakers bar they are scrumptious, even if snacking is not very healthy, these bars will give you the impression that it is.

Disclaimer: Thanks to the brands for sending their new products over. I was not requested to write a positive review.

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