Inheritance Recipes - August Round up -

A plate of food is often much more than that. With Inheritance Recipes we encouraged you to tell us stories. We never expected so much support on our first month challenge, you've tweeted, re-tweeted adding Inheritance Recipes to all sorts of social media and we thank you all for this.

Now it's time to round up all the recipes and to announce the winner chosen by Janice as in Farmer's Girl. Janice faced a difficult choice did a sterling job. She told us "I loved so many of the recipes but wanted to make sure that the one I chose really met the criteria".
The theme this month was summery/cool/easy recipes and here is the round up:
Starting at the beginning (for once) with
Fresh ideas for picnics and family parties:

From Margot who worked tirelessly behind the scene of the challenge, 2 recipes from here native Poland, Polish Quick Eating Salted Dill cucumber in Brine and a
In keeping with the liquid theme from the Hedge Combers Royal Barley Water Recipe
De tout Coeur Limousin sneaked in a little dose of liquid in her smoky charred aubergine, pepper & tequila salsa and added sorrel and mint  to her Labneh
Diana as in Little Sunny Kitchen joined the party with her Spinach Pastries (Fatyer Sabanekh) 
Cool and Easy to prepare mains:


I brought my grand-dad's Shashuka and Jen's food added a dish she remembers from her childhood an easy baked Smoked Sausage Pasta

Sweet things:

To kick off the sweet batch Foodie Quine with her Gran Ma Monearn's shortbread

Choclette as in Tin and Thyme made us want to go foraging to bake her Chocolate Blackcurrant Buckle

A very seasonal Gooseberry Jam by our very own friendly Judge which will never thank enough Janice as in Farmer's Girl

Quick and fun Honey Joy from Green Gourmet Giraffe and Raspberry Lemonade truffles by Play Dough and Popsicle

An amazing no-bake Oreo Icebox Cake by Little Sunny Kitchen

and the winner is:
Our warmest congratulations to the Made in Pink who picked the strawberries in her local farm with her little one and baked a the "super duper easy to make" Strawberry Pie . Your Lakeland set of cake pans is on its way, we are looking forward to see what you'll create next

Hope you'll join us for the September Challenge hosted by Margot at Coffee and Vanilla.

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