Faire Monter la Mayo

In French, there is an expression which defines when one succeed to do something delicate and of course it's related to food: "faire monter la mayo".

How true the correlation is. A mayonnaise should be an easy sauce to prepare, after all it's simply a matter of combining three ingredients: egg-yolk, olive oil and a teaspoon of mustard. However at Pebble Soup HQ, far too often it looks  like so:

A mayonnaise which is a little more liquid than intended. So what is the trick? in my opinion there is not one trick but several factors "qui font monter la mayo".
  • If all the ingredients are at room temperature, it will help.
  • Recipes will tell you to use a whisk, I find the food processor far more efficient.
  • start with a teaspoon of mustard, one egg yolk and A DROP of olive oil. When this mixture has thicken then it's ready for the rest of the oil, a constant dribble will do. How much olive oil is entirely up to how much mayonnaise is required. Season last.
The result: "Oh la belle mayo"

 and here is one of my favourite dish: potato salad with capers and mayo

Eagle-eyed readers will have notice that the mayonnaise has a slight green tinge. Olive oil colour variation is common when using a good oil. Here I have used Pomora olive oil. This is an interesting new service offering Italian olive oils delivered direct from Sicily to your home on a quarterly base. More over the scheme includes an olive tree adoption which in turn supports Antonia in Campania and Carmelo whose families have been producing top quality olive oil for generations. Check Pomora out, next time you have a minute

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