Le Pudding

Facts on food waste: "We throw more than 7 million tonnes of food and drinks from our homes every year, that's 19% of what we buy. The majority of which could have been eaten" according to  Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Not only this cost the average household £470 a year but it's bad for the environment.
There are initiatives to stop waste. One of the most original, I've come across is local to me, in Greenwich, the local council organises  a Gleaning project to stop fruits and vegetables to rot on the spot and make these products edible again as jam, drinks, chutney etc.
Personally, I still hang on to a old French tradition which is to make breadcrumbs with stale bread and freeze them for schnitzels, fish cakes and the famous bakery staple called Le Pudding, a kind of bread pudding without the fat. A simple bake which has been a favourite from childhood and which I rediscovered the other day when sadly the croissants bought from Tesco were so bad that, I consider throwing them away.

 Instead I baked Bertrand Bertinet's  grown up version of Le Pudding.
     Remember Bertrand Bertinet Here is a post we dedicated to his master-class

500g leftover bread, croissants, breadcrumbs etc
300g custard (bought or made)
200g sultanas
4-5 tablespoons rum
butter for greasing
icing sugar for dusting

You'll need to bake the mix in a oven preheated at 180C

Put all the bready ingredients in a mixer and crumble until rough

transfer to a bowl with all the other ingredients except the icing sugar

Mix well. Line a tray with lightly buttered baking paper and pile the mixture on the top, smooth and cook for 35 minutes until the picks are crisps.

Bloggers too do their bit to stop waste here is a challenge hosted by Veggie Desserts

along with Fab Food 4 all 'n Fuss Free Flavours all Credit Munch, a challenge which collates lots of no waste recipes. 


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