Inheritance Recipes June Round Up - Celebrating Diversity -

Of course, us foreign born or issued from immigration are devasted and deeply saddened by the recent turn of events but we take solace in knowing that millions of UK nationals voted to keep Great Britain in. I was one of the voters, so was Margot's family and nothing will ever stop us celebrating


Here is June Inheritance Recipes round up starring Bavarian slices Only Crumbs Remain 

Two Beautifully photographed pictures by the talented Polish-born Margot Dolewska Dyer who is hosting July Inheritance Recipes, come and join us, more than ever, we would like to share your family stories.
Napoleonka Polish Custard Cream Pie

Two recipes with Asian flavours:
Vegan Summer Spring Rolls by A2K and
Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice (ข้าวผัดกุ้ง) by Asian Food Adventure

If you have always wanted to know the secret of a good Tarte Tatin here it is from one of my previous post, my dad's Tatin  and closing the ranks, a historic bake consisting of three distinct layers of custard, jam and meringue, these individual puddings were made by Only Crumbs Remains to mark HRH the Queen's official birthday.


Hope to see you in July

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