What's New in the Kitchen #14 : Tried-and-True

I am Tilda's biggest fan. But without a microwave, their pouches were, so far, out of my reach. Not anymore, the new Tilda Pulses 'n Rice can be eaten quickly stir-fried or straight from the pouch, if you are in a real hurry . The new range is international (Mexican, Moroccan, Japanese and Caribbean style).

It should be heaven, right?

Wrong, I love the packaging and the range has proven to be very handy when in a hurry for lunch. 140g is small but the content is satisfying though a little seems to get lost in the creases at the bottom of the pouch, annoying.
Tilda can be trusted to offer organic products, all of which are gluten free. Sadly the taste was disappointing, the new range of 5 has been crafted by Bruno Loubet. Its's cheap and satisfying but nothing really stands out. RRP £1.35

Heinz summer range
Heinz sauces

This summer, the 140 years old brand is "adding a little Magic" to our dishes. As usual promotional material can be a little over the top. Used on a side of a plate or squirted over a dish these sauces are handy but often taken for granted, it's good old Heinz, afterall.

Mix them within a dish and yes, it's almost Magic. I added the BBQ sauce to a burger mix, using the sauce as an ingredient in its own right and the burgers were brilliant. Same with the piri-piri used as a pork chops marinade. RRP £1.25- £3.65
My heart goes to gluten intolerant sufferers as I always find the products, dry and slightly rough to my palate. Same here, though Nairn's is usually a tasty brand. One nice thing about these crackers is the ingredients, full of nutritious seeds and omega3 rich RRP £1.75

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