Inheritance Recipes - December 16 - Round up

December is always a busy month for food bloggers, hence few had the time to add their own story to this month challenge. However, we were pleased to see that our new Facebook page attracted pictures too.

I particularly like Kavey's decades diary, do drop by. In the meantime, here is December 16 round-up with our thanks for all your contributions this year. Hope to see you in January on Margot's blog

starting from the top

Fruitful Kitchen recreated her grandmother's Sheperd pie only faster
I chose a new recipe Sweet Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon which I'll make sure to cook for my best friend this Christmas, to show her how far I've progressed since she taught me how to cook.
Gingerbread biscuits with honey, thank you so much to Margot of Coffee and Vanilla for sharing her traditional treasured recipes all the year long.
Shaheen bought us a blast from the past with a lovely Christmas Tree shaped vegetarian centerpiece stuffed with chestnut mushrooms.
The Foodie Quine wishing for a scratch and sniff screen so evocative her Brandy Snaps Baskets are.

Merry Christmas everyone

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