The perfect Jam Doughnut

In my opinion, doughnut is a rare thing indeed. By this I mean, the concept of frying a simple dough can be found in almost every country around the world.

A quick look the doughnut around the world list on Wikipedia will prove my point, to you. Earlier this year, I caught this picture

 Thai Youtiao being fried on Bangkok's night market; Margot, the co-host of Inheritance Recipes published a great recipe of paczki Oponki, Polish doughnuts.

In France, les beignets et bugnes have their own national day;

Jeanne as in Cook Sister, in her mischievous way named her blog after the South African doughnut, Koeksister. And, I might not be far wrong as in saying that half of the food bloggers are doughnuts lovers and have a doughnut recipe on their blog so it might be a little presumptuous to have named this post the 

Perfect Jam Doughnut

210g strong white flour, plus extra to dust
7g dried yeast
½ tsp salt
15g caster sugar, plus extra to dust
20g unsalted butter, at room temperature, chopped, plus extra to grease
65ml whole milk, warmed
45ml warm water
1 egg, beaten
2 litres vegetable or sunflower oil, to cook
6 tsp raspberry or strawberry jam


  1. Combine the top four ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. In a smaller one, place the butter pour the warm liquids over and wait until the butter melts.
  3. Add to the flour mixture stir, add the egg and either use a mixer with a dough hook or stir by hand until you get an elastic and smooth dough.
  4. Transfer to a clean bowl, cover with a damp towel and leave it to raise, until double the size.
  5. Shape into 6 balls of about 80g each, folding each side tightly into the centre in turn, turning as you go, then turn the ball over and put it on a lightly floured baking tray or board, spacing them well apart. 
  6. Cover and leave to rise again for 45 minutes.
  7. Deep fry in oil, you'll probably need to do several batches, 
  8. Pad dry, roll in caster sugar
  9. Pipe the jam in

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