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When it comes to mundane tasks, we all need a bit of a helping hand time to time. Bidvine is an app-based and online local services marketplace that dubs itself as “the easiest way to find and hire local professionals.”

When Bidvine got in touch and I read through all their literature and in order to share the finding with you, I gave it a go. Like everyone else at the start of the year, I have a long list of things needing doing so if there is a simple process to save time, it's tempting.

Determine what you need

Before soon, I had my options narrowed down to three. Fitness, Photography, Learning. The latter seemed like a popular option, especially when it comes to learning guitar or singing. We possibly have the success of the TV show such as the Voice and Gareth Malone's to thank for that. However, this is not something, I would consider unless I wanted half of South London evacuated as a result.

However, my social media picture needs updated as it's now a couple of years old, best to keep up with the wrinkles. In my opinion, there is nothing worth than old profile pictures.

To get the right pro, all what is needed is to detail what you need using service-specific questions. Bidvine then sends your request to relevant qualified professionals. 

Choose One
True to their word in my case, in the space of 2 hours, I had received 5 offers from professional photographers with quotes and a message detailing the companies credentials.

The process is indeed very simple

Bidivine operates in the whole of the UK and the list of professionals is growing every day.

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