Review: Pie & Vinyl - Southsea

A prop paradise,

a really good record-store

And a delicious Pie cafe offering a varied menu of pies with an array of mash and liquor,

in Southsea 

When I landed a commission to visit Portsmouth and Southsea for 2017- Year of Literary Heroes, I asked him if He would like to join and if so, where would he like to eat. "Pie and Vinyl" was the immediate answer.

Such enthusiasm required action. So fresh from the train, we headed for the quirky Castle street in Southsea and entered a kind of Ali-Baba cavern for prop lovers, the place is so kitsch that you don't know where to look, every surface is covered with amusing, delicate, pretty and right ugly "things". I loved it from the word go.

The cafe cum kitchen bit is tiny and spills out a little in the record shop. There are eight tables which at lunch time were all full, a queue started forming by 13.00.

So what is the attraction?
The choice of pies is vast and caters for all sorts of dietary requirements. The owners wait on you as if you were their long lost relatives. The pies are from a few sources. From Buckwell, you'll get the sensible options, Chicken 'n Mushrooms is one. Choose one from the lovely Pieminister people fare and you'll get unusual options such an Heidi: Goat cheese and sweet vegetable or from Pie and Vinyl's own kitchen and you'll be served an all singing pie.

Pie and Vinyl pies are named after tracks, on the special board are the pies of the week which are related to the new releases that week. Got it? It's like being brought back in time to your childhood days, when you were singing from the top of your voice, making up the words you didn't know or understood.

I went for a "The 'O Sea" with mustard mash and dried onions topping with liquor.
Look and I'll say no more.

Except that, the tea came in a pot accompanied by a tiny hourglass. Pies start from £6.00

When in Portsmouth/Southsea Pie and Vinyl is definitely a place to visit.


61 Castle Rd, Portsmouth, Southsea PO5 3AY
phone: 02392 753914

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