Lentils and Bacon Salad with a Sauce Ravigote & 6 Specialities from Lyon to Try Out..if You Dare

Lyon and its culinary specialties always make me feel a little nostalgic. Don't get me wrong, I love London and since it has been my home for 3 decades, I feel more like a Londoner than I do a Lyonnaise.

I can't say immigration is easy, a little bit of me stayed behind. The little bit which likes to feel safe and is not referred to my nationality, the colour of my skin or my accent. But then, would I have stayed and I would have resented the insular mentality of a town which is known for giving the cold shoulder to anyone who is new to it.

Lyon, facade, town center

Lyon's architecture is well known for its imposing buildings with their 18th-century facades, tall windows behind which silk weaving looms worked night and day. The families lived in a "sous-pente" a kind of attic in between storeys. Last time, we went we played the tourists, stayed in a hotel overnight and ate "en terrace" in a "bouchon" cobbled street.
lyon center, cobbled street
So what can you expect from "la cuisine Lyonnaise"?

La Cervelle de canut: As its name does not indicate, it is not about offal but simply fresh beaten white cheese, embellished with shallots, chives and parsley finely chopped, garlic (optional) not forgetting the fresh cream.

The workers of silk, known as the canuts, enjoyed it during for breakfast, after their long night of work.

Quenelle: Without hesitation, we can say that the quenelle is one of the dishes that have made the gastronomic renown of the city of Lyon. It is a dough made from flour, eggs, and fish in the shape of a roll. The dumpling is poached in the water before cooking and served gratinated with its delicious sauce Nantua. Let yourself be tempted you will not regret it.

Andouillette: Andouillette is one of the dishes based on offal and tripe typically Lyonnais. Made with veal or pork, it is served hot, with white wine, breaded or in a gratin. Since 2015, the "veau rose", which was at the origin of the recipe Lyon, is reauthorize and return to almost all restaurants.

Tablier de sapeur: In fact, the name inspires nothing of gastronomy and yet ... Also part of the family of guts and offal, le tablier is similar to an "escalope of fat-double breaded", it is cooked in a pan, served hot with sauce "gribiche" (mustard based).

The Sabodet or Saucisson Chaud: The Sabodet is a cooked sausage based on minced pork head, it is cooked in water and served in slices with steamed vegetables, mustar, and gherkins.
speciality from Lyon, saucisson chaud

Tete de Veau: In the Lyonnaise line of offal and tripe. You should dare to taste the head of veal "a la Lyonnaise" with a sauce gribiche or ravigote and served with steamed vegetables or as a salad with pulse

specialty from Lyon, lentil salad, tete de veau, sauce ravigote

Lentils and Bacon Salad with Sauce Ravigote
I have adapted the tete de veau recipe to the products which can be found in the UK

You'll need grilled bacon.
Cooked Puy lentils, refrigerated for 1/2h to two hours
For the Sauce Ravigote

-2 hard boiled eggs -1 tbs mustard -2 shallots -1 tbs Capers -1 tps pickled gerkin chopped -1 tps fresh herbs (chives, parsley etc..) -6 tps oil (you may need a little more) -2 tbsp vinegar -salt pepper


Peel the shallots and cut into thin slices.
Peel the hard boiled eggs.
Crumble the egg yolks and chop the whites.
Cut the capers in 2.
Chop the gerkins
Mix the egg yolks, mustard and vinegar in a bowl. salt and pepper.
Add a little oil and whisk all.
Then add the shallots, the herbs, the egg whites, the capers and the gherkins. Stir the mixture. Keep in a cool place for 15 min.
Add the sauce to the lentils and bacon and serve cold.

I've added this post to July Inheritance Recipes this month hosted by the lovely Coffee and Vanilla as it is part of my growing up food culture

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