Good Bye 2017

2017 has overall been a good year. Not prone to make and/or tell the world about my resolutions, I never the less decided to take a leaf out of my mate Chris Osburn's book. 2017 was going to be the year when I was going to hone my writing. And, so I did with surprisingly outstanding results as in December I signed a book deal for a guidebook of the Lake District in the 111 Places series so expect a few blogposts about the Lakes' culinary delights, in the months to come.

In November, the world of food lost a legend, Antonio Carluccio. I had met him the year before at a Cirio launch. I'm sure at times, he was grumpy and difficult, he reminded me of my dad, part dinosaur with a big heart part grand-father everybody would have like in their family, he looked like him too. Hopefully, his business which he launched the year I arrived in London and, sold recently, will carry on. I was sent a Carluccio large panettone for Christmas. I can't really tell you what it tasted like, my mum ate it almost overnight, it looked good though 

In the summer, I spent some time working in the Queen's garden in Greenwich Park, Allotment week was a highlight as it became more and more difficult to fit vegetables growing or any kind of exercise in my schedule so guess what 2018 resolution.
Spring saw Him turn ....well, let's just say he had a significant birthday. Falmouth was voted the best town to live in so we decided to give it a go, not live there you understand, just have a look around to see what the fuss was about. We met some brilliant people. You should have a wonder there sometime, it's nice but avoid Rick Stein restaurant which is not so nice.

Pebble Soup curious ingredient showed up early in the year: Yuzu, loved it.

Thank you for dropping by this year and I hope to see you in 2018 .

Happy New Year

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