Copper Chimney -Westfield- Restaurant Review

I would go around the world to eat an excellent Indian meal. Thankfully, the first UK venture of Copper Chimney is in Westfield, and with the promise of unforgettable Indian food, the trek to West London didn't seem that long. The restaurant is situated on the pedestrian parade dedicated to food outlets, with its prominent simple but stylish double C logo -does that remind you of another brand?- Copper Chimney stands out.

The first Copper Chimney opened in 1972 in Bombay. Its founder JK Kapur aimed at recreating culinary experiences reminiscent of his years growing up, before the Partition, in what is now modern-day Pakistan. When I first travelled, I was aiming for Cairo, just to land in Karachi.... a long story. My experience of this eastern megapolis stayed with me forever, the smell of Ustads -spice blends- the tandoors, every mouthful eaten was a voyage of discovery. Decades later,  I can definitely say that Copper Chimney's offer is the closest to authentic that you'll get. The Assistant Manager, Kevin Podder, was very proud of the recipes' consistency across their 15  locations.  And this, although commendable, was my problem: the dishes lacked the 'mistakes', the 'happy accidents, the too much of this or the wrong that' that land in a dish often uninvited and makes that plate of food really unforgettable.


Having said this, there is nothing wrong with tried and tested signature dishes and that was reinforced by the restaurant's popularity. It was filling up when we arrived and full when we left. The open kitchen where you can see the chefs operating the tandoors adds a little bit of theatre to the place which is bright and cheerful and expertly designed. After listening to the recommendation from our impeccable waiter, He opted for Chandni Chowk Chaat for starters and I chose a plate of  Okra Kurkure. 

His hors d'oeuvre was delicious, pungent spices and smooth fresh yoghurt layers were an instant hit. Chaat is a great street food that deserves much more recognition. The Okras were nicely fried and crispy. I never tried to slice an okra bean; I'd love to know how they can be julienned these slippery little lady's fingers so very thinly. The end result was not unpleasant: a mouthful of hot and tangy spices that married very well with his Chaat. And as they say, it's nice to share! which is what I was trying to convince him of when the mains arrived.

Copper Chimney Tandoori

Grilled Burrah Chop for me, Tandoori Chicken for him. The cinnamon scent preceded the lamb dish, this might be the most expensive dish on the menu at £23.50 but it was really nice indeed. The lamb chops are marinated in a secret mix of spices for eight hours before being seared and then chargrilled. One way to spot Copper Chimney specialities is to look for the CC logo, on the menu, besides the description. I found this out as I was virtually licking my fingers when a sudden attack of food envy gripped me. A plate of Parda Lamb Biryani, sealed with what looked like a lid of puff pastry, passed us by to be placed on a family's table, next to us. Back to our choice, his chicken dish was flavoured nicely, there is also a version of grilled chicken with mint on the menu that looked tempting.....Oh no! here I go again.

Copper Chimney chicken tandoori

To Kevin's disappointment, we passed on desserts. Retroactively we were not prepared enough for Copper Chimney, my advice would be to study the menu online first. However familiar you are with Indian food, the restaurant's choice is vast and varied, preferably opt for signature dishes. We were guests of Copper Chimney, otherwise, our meal would have cost around £65, this is not a budget place but Copper Chimney is well worth it if you happen to be at Westfield.

Copper Chimney spread Copyright Copper Chimney

Practicalities:  Copper Chimney -Ariel Way - White City, London W12 7GA, 
+44 20 8059 4439,              website:



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