An Invitation to Dine at The Roof Terrace at The Sloane Club

Nothing makes me grab my hat and shawl quicker than an invitation to dine at one of London's roof terraces; if the offer was to include a walk through a flower show, then I'd be out of the door quicker than you can say: 'Hebejeebie trifida'.

The affluent Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea can be exclusive. The Chelsea Flower Show, which I visited only once, is definitely well above my purse and stamina. But as always, there is an alternative. In this case, it's Chelsea in Bloom, a once a year flower festival, organised in association with the Royal Horticultural Society and local retailers. This year’s theme is Floral Feasts, celebrating two of the things that Chelsea is most famous for: botanical heritage and fabulous food.

 So after traipsing through a thick crowd and a cornucopia of vibrant floral creations that sadly included too much plastic and heavily relied on popular food scenes in under 12 movies, we reach the perfect oasis, The Roof Terrace at the Sloane Club. This peaceful outdoor space opens only during the summers. 

The Sloane Club terrace is a pleasant outdoor space lined with verdant plant walls and stylishly furnished—sadly, you've guessed it, equally reliant on plastic greenery as the streets show below. I can't tell you how relieved I was at the sight of comfy chairs, and at that point, nothing could have lifted my spirits as much as a warm welcome and cocktails. But more of this later. First, let me tell you about the historical background of the Sloane Club.

Founded in 1922 by Princess Helena (daughter of Queen Victoria) as the Service Women’s Club. It was exclusively a place for women for decades; men were eventually allowed to step over the threshold in the 1970s. Ever-evolving the club is nowadays opened to everyone. Shortly after COVID 2022, the refurbished roof terrace opened its doors to the general public. As you get through the canopied front-door, you'll be directed to the first floor. Don't take the lift; head for the stairs and breathe in the club's history. The staircase is a magnificient oblong version of the tulip staircase, for which London's historical buildings are so famous. Don't forget to curtesy, salute, or wink at the larger-than-life portrait of Princess Helena on the way up.

Cocktails at the Sloane Club solange berchemin

Back to the cocktails and mocktails list. Following our waiter's recommendations, I chose a Limoncello Breeze, the fresh mixed of Limoncello and Prosecco was a new one on me, even more surprising was the addition of sage. He ordered a Lavender Sip: Gin Mare, with aromatics such as rosemary, thyme, basil. Both expertly mixed by the smiliest mixologist I've had the pleasure to meet.

Reluctantly leaving the open-sky area for a table by the too-green-vegetation walls; You'll have guessed by now that the unnecessary use of plastic is one of my gripes. We debated on the logistic of ordering. The menu is well thought through, sectioned to cover most eventualities. 'To Share' from which he chose Edamame Hummus & lemongrass Sambal (£10). The idea was that he could share with me as long as I was sampling only. That was fine by me, as I had my heart set on Spiced Yellow Fin Tuna Tatare with Wasabi Mayo (£17). Neither of us was disappointed.

Glancing over the 'Salads' section, He swiftly moved to the 'Mains' and I picked 'From the Grill'. The Sloane Beef Burger (£20) with red onion compote, a portion of Skinny Fries (£6) and a glass of French Malbec were enough to restore his spirits. While I was enjoying a Wild Bass Fillet (£26) and probably the best broccoli combo i can think of, wok-fried with chilli and garlic (£8).

Beef Burger at the Sloane Club

As the sun had truly set, replaced by twikling of fairy lights, our relaxed and unhurried dinner was nearing its end. We turned down the offer of desserts, enjoyed a little more time in the peaceful atmosphere, sipping a couple of cortados and too soon it was time to say goodbye to the first class members of staff who, even though it was the end of service, were still smiling. 

The Sloane Club is open for the whole of the summer, offering a top-notch quality menu, and classy service, at prices that are not unreasonable for the area.

The Roof Terrace at The Sloane Club is located in Sloane Place at number 52. Bookings can be done by phone on 020 3928 0700 or made  online.
I was a guest of the Sloane Club, I take the opportunity of the disclaimer to thank the staff for looking after us.
Words in this blog post are my own, I was not asked to review positively



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