Pain bagnat at the beach

I went to the "O2" formerly known as the dome. Well, call me party-Popper but I think that "the beach" is the reflection of a very sad state of affairs.
I do not object to the concept: indoor-beach: bizarre but why not; man-made complete with lights imitation, sun for the day, moon in the evening : good; free entertainment for kids and grown ups : excellent.
What I do not like AT ALL is the distortion of simple pleasures, beach but no water, beach but no weather, beach but only certain prescribed activities (please, let's make sure that we all do the same at the same time, here is a timetable) at that point, I have got to say NO that is NO beach. Have the organisers given a thought about the wonders of the fresh salted air that make your skin crispy and itchy, the sand in your food, the endless hours spent doing nothing or nothing much, that for me is a beach so on that "moany"-note, I leave you with the sound of the crickets, find a bit a open space (balcony will do) & try the following recipe.

Pain bagnat
It is said that this sandwich was originally invented for the "boules" players in Nice, the flavours combine and seep in the bread while it is being weight down, it can also be made a day in advance.
make 4
1 French bread (baguette), white bread rolls can be used too
olive oil
can of tuna
3 tomatoes sliced
1 hard boiled egg
red or green pepper finely sliced
few spring onions or small white ones
pitted black olives (optional) could use olive paste
  • Slice the bread length-wise
  • brush the olive oil on the inside
  • sprinkle basil
  • spread the rest of the ingredients
  • wrap in cling film
  • weight it down with a chopping board for as long as possible
  • unwrap and cut large slices.
Sue gave me a recipe of a picnic loaf which works on the same weighting down principle using: ciabatta, olive oil, pesto, sliced mozzarella, feta cheese, rocket, fresh or sun dried tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

Boules players??
Just like the Cornish pasty, this dish was a way invented as a way to carry their food. it was used by fishermen and other men who couldn't easily get to a table at lunchtime..

Solange said...

Thank you for that Mr/Miss/Mrs Ano.
That made me think of food "invented" for ...
Have you seen that a famous food chain which I will not name, is supplying "sandwiches without bread" to office workers. I bet you that is not going to last as long as the carnish pasty.
Thanks for your comment.



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