Endive and panic in the air

Before and after pictures

Recently, I threw a million balls in the air, and guess what: they have all dropped back down THIS WEEK or so it seems. Bouncing on the top of my head, I even caught, an arrogant wheezing little one bouncing on the tip of my nose, not nice at all.
You know the feeling: panic sets in, you are running around, mixing every thing up, achieving nothing or very little. I don't know what you do it that case, as for me, I wash my hair. Usually it does the trick.
Out of all of the balls, I managed to catch one, it had the following writing engraved on it: 5 a day, out of all of them, it had to be that one! Let me explain, every now and then, I challenge myself with: "be good". This time, I was going to eat more vegetable and to that effect had bought French chicory as the ultimate challenge.
French Chicory is very popular in Holland, Belgium and France, not so much in Britain. I understand that in the state, chicory is different all together. Back to French chicory, it is available all year round, the pearly white leafs come from the fact that it is forced. When cooked blanched (or steamed), it will need to rest for a while so that most of the water drips out.

Endives and ham

one and half time as many endives as there are people
one thin slice of cooked ham per endive
cheddar or gruyere
for the white sauce you will need
a dollop of butter
white flour
and milk

  • cut the hard end of the endive off, with a sharp knife, take the little "heart" out, this is where the bitterness leaves, so I was told.
  • steam the endives until tender when cook, put them aside for at least an hour to drip all the water out
  • prepare the white sauce (bechamel)
  • roll the slice of ham around the endive, place in an oven dish
  • pour the bechamel over
  • top with cheese
  • cook for 25 minutes, grill the top if necessary


Anonymous said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that is one of the loveliest comment, I have ever had.



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