Winter Fruits With Orange Ricotta

Since there is nothing we can do about the snow, the cold, the horribleness of winter, we might as well make the most of it. This recipe needs a bit of organisation as the dried fruits need soaking in advance, on the other hand it might get rid of a lots of the "stuff" left in the cupboard from Xmas extravaganza.
I found it in Jill Dupleix's book and will do it again, may be without the orange ricotta but that is only because of its fat content. After much ingredient gathering, the reward was obvious, this Winter Fruits Salad will last for a good 3 days. Let me know if you have a go at it.

Winter fruits with orange ricotta

Serves 4

200g/7oz dried figs, halved
200g/7oz dried apricots
2tbsp dried cranberries or cherries
100g/31/2oz pitted prunes
2tbsp sultanas
1tbsp orange flower water
2tbsp honey

For the orange ricotta
250g/8oz fresh ricotta
100g/31/2oz natural low-fat yoghurt
1tbsp honey
1tbsp orange zest, plus extra to serve
1tbsp orange flower water
2tbsp orange juice

Cut the figs and apricots into thick slices. Mix with the cranberries, prunes, sultanas, orange flower water and honey in a bowl.
Add enough boiling water to just cover and stir well. Leave overnight, until the fruit is plump and swollen.
Beat the ricotta with the yoghurt, honey, orange zest, orange flower water and orange juice. Spoon the fruits into serving bowls, saving the syrup
Top with a big spoonful of creamy orange ricotta. Drizzle with the syrup and scatter with orange zest

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