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It all started at the Food Festival in Hampton Court, where I was one of the thousands of visitors who sampled Malaysian delicacies while he went in search of a decent burger. Next, an invitation landed on my virtual door-mat with a VIP pass for the ‘Malaysia Night’ in London’s Trafalgar Square. By then I was starting to appreciate and understand Malaysian most popular dishes. Having been in love with South-East Asia, for decades, I had a solid background.

subsequently, I was asked if I wanted to review "Jom Makan" newly open outlet in Westfield shopping center in Stratford (East London). I was told that the phrase,'‘Jom Makan’ literally translates as 'Let’s Go Eat'' and that, 'The menu offers the best traditional dishes from the family kitchens of Malaysia and the street hawkers of Kuala Lumpur, fused with classic Western influences to bring the shoppers of Westfield a new kind of fusion food.'
I love fusion food so Let's Go Eat.
If are not  yet familiar with Stratford Westfield center, it works this way: lower floor very fast-food, top floor fast food eateries, in between shops, shops, shops. Jom Makan is very inviting with its technicolored walls and cheerful staff. Our waitress was a mine of information and she was  keen to explain the extensive menu. The place was full but still but it didn't feel crowed at all.

All good signs.
We shared the starter: Enam Satay 6 sticks of a mix of grilled chicken and beef served with a warm peanut sauce on the side (£5.90)- I liked the sauce but the skewers didn't make a impression. It is decent food but that's all what I can say for it- mind you, I don't really recall any satay ever-

Same goes for the Roti, with the provisio, here, that some rotis have stuck in my mind as very good- this one was OK-

More research is needed for the popular Beef Randang (£6.60)A slow cooked beef which was real tender, we couldn't decide if the balance of spices was right or not. So the search for the perfect traditional Beef randang goes on.....

 Si Kelapa coconut rice (£2.00) was delicious, I loved it. The rice was cooked to perfection  and the subtle taste of coconut tingles my taste-buds all the way home. I liked my AYAM PANDAN (£6.20) too, boneless pieces of chicken, I liked the marinade, it was oozing with flavours but still delicate  and the pandan leaves wraps added a seal of authenticity.

Jom Makan offers a decent fare, the fusion doesn't really work and too many concessions are made to conform to our western taste but I am being told that a new chef has been bought over from Malaysia and will soon redress the balance.

Overall our experience was relaxing. The staff is friendly and know their dishes. We both enjoyed the experience. The portions are really large which gives you a feeling of good value for money. So all in all, a good choice if you are shopping in Stratford Westfield.
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My thanks to Jom Makam's management for having us as guests.

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