Unusual Presents: Twinings Tea and Cake

There are time when being French is rather annoying. I will forever being refered to as "the French woman". At parties, first question people will ask is: "and where about in France are you from?" Despite the fact that I have spent half my life in London.

At other times, it gives me different outlook on things and that can be an advantage. Take Christmas presents, if there is something that my French friends and family love to be given is tea and cake. "Tea at Christmas?" I hear you say. Well think about it, not such a bad idea.

Years ago, I settled for Twinings. I was told from inveterate tea drinkers  that Twinings teas is very good and there is nothing classier than there black and gold line. Take a look at this Mulled Spiced Tea Caddy, and tell me that it would not be adequate as a "small Christmas present." There is a whole range of caddies at £6.00 with a discount when you buy two. 

Moreover to buy tea online, feels right. It is the kind of item which does not need to be seen or handled. The only problem with buying on line is the temptation to buy more than tea. That is when cake comes into play. These Christmas tea gifts are really tempting, the free delivery doesn't help to resist, so come on do the "French thing" and buy some tea and cake as to give at Christmas.

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