Top Five in 2011

Using a little dose of the French characteristics, such as introspection, but not excessively, adding a spoonful of Google Analytics, I came up with a list of your favorite five posts in 2011 and the top recipe since this blog started.

1- Savoury Crumble: The humble crumble tops the list. Best known for its sweet version, crumbles have made a come back and savoury crumbles are definitely worth considering for the weekly menu.

2- Apple Rosemary Jelly: something soothing to do after weeks of partying.

3- Green Tomato Chutney: A old recipe liked enough to make third place. As for me I am uncertain if I like the taste or  association of these two words: green  and tomatoes.

4- Jansson Temptation: A traditional Swedish casserole made of potatoes and anchovies.

5- Savoury Polenta Muffins: There is nothing like the kitchen feeling up with the warm smell of fresh baking. However I had completely forgotten this recipe so thanks for reminding me.
Of course, this year, monthly give-aways became a feature. I also was given the opportunity to review products both will continue in 2012.

Now for your favorite recipe since records began: the impressive but so easy to make Smoked Salmon and Crab Terrine.

Hope to see you in 2012....Watch out for the first post of the year. It is great, great, great give-away. Happy New- Year.


Karen S Booth said...

Bonne année et bonne santé

Janice said...

Happy New Year to you and keep blogging in 2012.

Margot said...

Happy New Year to you as well! :)



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