Gin on the Rise

Let me invite you to a ritual in existence at Pebble Soup HQ, l'apéro, pre-dinner drink which allows us to catch up, try out cocktails, he mixes, I drink. All manners of beverages are consumed à l'apéro though for a long time, gin was not a real part of the paraphernalia of  spirits.

Once decried as "mother's ruin", in my mind at least, it was very much associated, with "the other" type of crowd, the snobby ones along with 18th century misery. But gin has once more regain a place in our drinking cabinet, pretty much the same way it is going through a revival, a little gin revolution.

And this change is partly due to a visit to Aldeburgh food and drink festival in August last year, when I was handed a gin menu. Never having given the spirit a second thought, I hardly realised that there was more than one kind of gin. On that day, I learnt that every gin has its own recipe, though botanicals often appear on the bottle, the details are kept secret. A bit like magicians' brew.

So, each gin has its own composition, the floral bouquet comes from an average of eight botanicals. there are two main routes, the juniper lead or the citrus way.

At the moment we are delighting in  Bloom gin which is an  infusion of fresh strawberries, chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo. A gin inspired and created by the only known female gin Master Distiller, Joanne Moore.

Thank you to Bloom gin for the sample.

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