Family Friendly Fridays - June Round Up -

Hosting Family Friendly Fridays  for Ren as in Fabulicious has been a thrill. Doing so, made me realise me how much talent was involved in our everyday cooking. Not only we try to serve the tastiest dishes we can, we also go a long way to create meals with whatever ingredients are presented to us, from "here and there" either in veggie boxes, allotments, gardens, markets..... name it, sources are a-plenty and in doing so we are working wonders. We can be very proud of our culinary skills and our inventiveness

Shaheen at AK2 has worked her magic on beetroot leaves to present us with these incredibly ingenious Leafy Beetroot Bites  a leafy various of Pakoras


Sian at Fish Fingers for Tea cooked a recurring dish Bacon and Spinach Oven Baked Risotto, one of the many dish you've got to try, tasty, easy. One which doesn't require you to watch over it.

Creativity takes all sort of shape and form and often it comes out best in cakes. Our very own Kitchen Goddess in Training's recipe is a prime example of this. "Mini" portions are the trend as they make for gorgeous looking bakes and I defy you to resist Emmy's adorable Miniature Carrot Cakes

At Mint Custard, Becky continues the theme of small but perfectly fun food, she presented her family with lamb sliders.

Sliders are small sandwiches. Originally small hamburgers, they are all the rage at the moment. Becky made her sliders with pittas, definitely original koftas sliders.

When it came to Ren at Fabulicious, the brain and heart behind Family Friendly Fridays, she came up with a mysterious answer to the eternal problem: "What to feed them?". Breakfast was sorted with a Meli-Melo of Tomato and Parmesan. We've possibly all cooked meli-melos at a stage or another, not knowing we were doing so.

The next recipe entered is my dad's signature so I was curious to see how Kavita had changed this to make it easy. I was not disappointed and the step by step will help me cooking it next time I go to see him. Easy Dauphinoise potatoes by Kavey Eats.

Now for Cakes and biscuits, Gocha at Coffee 'n Vanilla has her hands full juggling with family and work, she send us a slice of Lemon, Vanilla 'n Poppy seeds Cake, no doubt that was very much appreciated in the school lunch box.

Chocolate, Ginger, Coffee -Not all in one - cookies were baked by Cake, Crumbs and Cookies. Cookies are some of the most immediately rewarding bakes, baking cookies with kids is always a joy, as there is lots they can participate to.

From Domestic Goddess we got not one but two recipes. Both quick and adding an international flavour to dinner, first her Cannellini Beans Stew made out of desperation, a creative use of "what is left in the pantry". Then Oven Baked Kedgeree, a step by step recipe from our who Goddess got a tip from Lady B: "Through all the prepared ingredients in a dish, covered in the oven, until you are ready to eat, which makes it perfect for an easy supper." Three cheers for Lady B.

Charlotte was pressed-gand to send one of hers. Charlotte' Kitchen Dairy is always full of projects and quirky ideas so I begged...... and she kindly replied with Lentil Tamarind and Date Dansak, a super-speedy beauty, the Dansak....... not Charlotte.

Dinner wouldn't be dinner without a pizza. This was provided by Karen at Lavender and Lovage. Karen is a trained chef and her blog is the place to go to if you need weekly meal plans and inspiration for friendly recipes. Her Piquant Pizza with Goat's Cheese Chorizo and Chillies is next on my list to cook.

Last but not least was my Oven Lamb Baked Risotto. I thank every one who has help to made this edition of Family Friendly Fridays a fab collection. July's will be hosted by Ren Behan herself see you there. 


Jacqueline Meldrum said...

great roundup, sorry I missed it while I was away in Cyprus :(

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

You don't say, this is quite a list of inspirational, creative, quick recipes for everyday dinner, Sorry you miss it too however holidays is a very good "excuse".

Ren Behan said...

A wonderful round up Solange! So much inspiration to bring to the table. I like some of the easy dishes, such as the Easy Dauphinoise and the baked risottos but I also love some of the more challenging treats on offer. Thank you for being a brilliant host and to everyone who linked up and joined in xxx

Fishfingers for tea said...
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Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Thanks it was a pleasure to host too



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