Chefs I Met & Food Photography Workshop

Readers who have been following my meandering in the world of writing will know that I started blogging for Great British Chefs. A dynamic site focused on recipes from British Chefs. Part of the attraction of recipes on line is the photography and last night, Pebble Soup team attended a Food Photography Workshop organised by GBC, lead by David Griffen.
The event took place in the Google London headquarters. After a spot of mingling and a few amazing canap├ęs by Pascal Aussignac, we sat to listen to David.
In a learning situation, I have to confess that my attention span is shorter than that of a nit. Therefore for food photography tips, you might have to look elsewhere as I would be unable to repeat most of what has been said. As from the start, I got stuck on one  of David's sentence: 'Something about photographing chefs, they look much better in black and white'.
I was curious to see if they really do.
I supposed Griffen was referring to chefs at work in their kitchen but since I tend to met chefs during interviews, my picture galery contains a collection of talking chefs. It was time to give them the black and  white treatment.
Starting with Paul Holywood

Celia Brooks

Gary Rhodes

what do you think?


Mark Willis said...

I think Gary looks really scary - even more so in B&W!

Janice said...

The men definitely look better in b&w but not sure about Celia!

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Hi Mark, thank you for dropping by. I have found that all the chefs look a little scary but really it s just a front and Gary in real life is just lovely.

Well spotted Janice, I didn't apply the same filter to Celia s pic. She look even worse in black & white. Don't know what to say:)



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