Lakeland Speedy preserves : Strawberry Jam

If you are new to jam making, it isn't advisable to start with strawberries. The lack of pectin in this gorgeous summer fruit makes it devilish to jam. Anyhow, the season is almost past. Does that mean that "you've had it?" Not quite.

Lakeland has come up with a brilliant idea to make your own conserves: tins of prepared preserving fruits, Seville Orange, Lemon or Strawberry, I got to try out the latter. As research always pays, I read the customers' review which were very mixed.
So let's us clarify what to expect: £2.99 will buy you a tin of 825g of strawberry purée, the clue is in the title : no bits. By adding water and caster sugar you should get 5lb of strawberry jam. Personally I got 3lb. As with all jams, the problem is to get the mixture hot enough for it to set.
The instructions state that it will take 30mins, because my hob is not fantastic, it took 50mins by then the jam had reduced much more than it should have which impact on the consistency. My strawberry jam looks like that which is found in doughnuts or rolly-pollies, by this I mean no bits and rather thick, it taste like a good commercial jam. 
Jam making is far from being an exact science that is what makes it exciting. Even when half the work is done for you, jamming is still full of surprises.
Home-made preserves make lovely gifts. Lakeland sell a Jam Label Kit to fit 24 jars with pink-checked-square-paper toppers, sticky labels and gift tags. A must have, if you don't want to print your own.
Next time I am trying Lemon Marmalade Home-Cook Preserve in a can, that has got to be a time saver.
Disclaimer : Strawberry prepared preserve & labels were complimentary which as always didn't influence my opinion. 

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