Green Risotto

Green Risotto
Recently a good friend of mine regretted aloud the fact that there were no pills which she could have fed her children with, day in, day out, when they were growing up. The remark arrested me. How could she think food in only nutritive terms, what about the joys of textures, the array and delights of taste, the wonderful aromas, the tactility of ingredients and the colours. Oh colours, do it for me, every single time.
-How could a pill replace that? I harangued back
-Pfff, she puffed, you wouldn't need all this with pills, as you would have more time to devote to other things and food would become irrelevant.
I was gobsmacked.
How can you resist a plate of Green Risotto? full of fresh spring vegetables, smooth like velvet, warming and comforting and so 
Now that spring vegetables are in full flow it's time to make the most of Spinach, peas, mange-tout and salads.
Here is my recipe for Green Risotto adapted from Waitrose website
100g frozen Petit-pois

100g spinach

4 leaves fresh mint

3 tbsp crème fraîche

1 litre Vegetable Stock

1 tbsp olive oil

350g Arborio Risotto Rice

150ml white wine


Steam the spinach for 5 minutes and put the peas in a bowl, pour boiled water over. Reserve
In a large pan with thick bottom, heat the oil and drop the rice in, stir cook for 5 minutes, reduce the heat
Add the stock, quarter at the time, keep stirring time to time
In the meantime, drain the peas, add to blender or food processor with peas, mint and crème fraîche. Note that mint has a strong over powering taste but is well liked by some so the quantity can be increased to 20g.
When all the liquid is absorb, add the wine and the vegetable mix. Stir well
Serve with rocket salad as garnish.
Making a risotto is a longish process which takes about 30 minutes cooking time.

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