Mackerel Fillets with Parsley, Mint and Anchovy Sauce

Food is the new Rock and Roll. It would seem every opportunity is taken to get recipes out. Brands and retailers are using chefs as if they were the ultimate Rock-stars. Away with actors and sports personnalities which let's face it where not always credible in their promoting roles and bring on the next chef.
At times the mind boggles but on occasions it makes sense, especially when it is thought through carefully. There is leverage in advertising via recipes and meal plans, Ecover proved it with Rachel Allen.
Rachel provides good recipe ideas, negotiating a difficult balancing act, it needs to be fatty but healthy. They have called the campaign ‘Eat Clean, Feel Good’ campaign, The aim is  to raise awareness of the hidden ‘nasties’ in washing up liquid.
I was invited to the launch and came back with a list of healthy recipes which were put to the test straight away, starting with
Mackerel Fillets with Parsley, Mint and Anchovy Sauce
The sauce is full of nicely combined strong flavours, it will make more sauce than required but in my experience halving the recipe doesn't work so use the rest with chicken or lamb.

Serves 4, preparation time 20 minutes

For the sauce:
Large handful of parsley leaves
Handful of mint leaves
2 tbsp capers, rinsed
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
6 anchovies
200ml extra virgin olive oil

For the butterflied mackerel:

4 large mackerel fillets, gutted
4 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper

Serve with couscous

400g couscous
Seeds from one pomegranate
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp lime juice
500ml boiling chicken or vegetable stock
4 tbsp pistachio nuts (shelled), toasted
2 tbsp chopped coriander


First make the sauce. Place everything but the olive oil in a food processor and whiz for 3 - 4 minutes until the herbs are finely chopped. Then add the olive oil to mix. Set aside until needed or place in a jar in the fridge. If storing for more than a few hours cover your sauce with a good layer (about half a centimetre) of olive oil. It will keep in the fridge for about a month.

Place the couscous and pomegranate seeds in a bowl and mix in the olive oil and lime juice. Pour in boiling stock or water and season. Allow to sit in a warm place for 5 - 10 minutes until the liquid is absorbed. To serve, stir in the toasted pistachios and chopped herbs and season to taste.

Meanwhile, place a cast iron griddle pan on a high heat - if you don’t have a griddle pan you can use a frying pan. Brush with oil (or put 2 tbsp oil in the frying pan) and allow it to get quite hot. Season the skin side of the mackerel with salt and pepper and place on the griddle skin side down. Season the other side and cook for 2 - 4 minutes until the skin is golden and crisp, turn over and cook for a further 1 - 2 minutes.

Put on plates and serve immediately, drizzled with the parsley, mint and anchovy sauce and the lime and pomegranate couscous

photo and recipe reproduced with the authorisation of Ecover

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