Croissant Crown : Brunch Fit for a Queen

Inspiration comes from many quarters. But it's one thing to see something and another to make it at home without instructions. I once struggled with a Melon de Dinde but the results were definitely worth it, succulent meat made really moist by the fat simmering inside. 

Starting from the reckless principle: if they can do it, I can do it too. When I came across a picture of une couronne de croissants fourr├ęs, there was no doubt in my mind. This beautiful thing was to be the next brunch.

For once, it was dead easy. Start with a tin of uncooked dough for croissants,  sold in shops for £1.50. The stuffing is left entirely up to the imagination. I would think that cheddar will be high on the list however here, I made used of the mozzarella which was languishing in the fridge and left-over ham shreds.

The trick, if ever there is one in this case is the place all the triangles with their small side touching one another in a circle on the work-top, place the fillings on the top and roll the croissant as normal. there will be gaps and therefore a little spillage but that doesn't matter. Cook according to the instructions. Et voila

A tear and share - happy meal.

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