Inheritance Recipes December Challenge : Eat Your Greens

Welcome to the December edition of Inheritance Recipes challenge. While Margot is busy getting The Festive Recipes round up together, I would like to introduce the theme for the December Challenge.
This month theme is Eat Your Greens – Three little words strung together, hammered in our psyche from childhood. Good or bad memories of vegetable dishes, we welcome them all. And as Christmas approaches we expect a lot of sprouts recipes but not only. Go for it. Make us fall in love with these vegetables all over again.
To say thank you for your recipes, we have asked Pyrex to sponsor the prize



Inheritance Recipes is a challenge that Margot as in Coffee and Vanilla and I have started to celebrate dishes food bloggers cherish.
Recipes which have been passed down by a family member, a friend, through an ancestral culture and dishes which you would like to bestow to future generations.

We will also add your recipe to the Inheritance Recipes Pinterest board and include your blog’s handle in our Inheritance Recipes list on Twitter (don’t forget to subscribe to them both), we will share your recipe via social media and include in the round-up at the end of the month and best of all we’ll give away a prize to the blogger whose recipe will have been chosen by a guest judge.


If possible, display one of the IR badges on your recipe post. (Click through to open one of the badges, right click to save it to your computer and then upload badge to your blog, please do not hotlink to images on our server.)
Add your recipe via linky below.
  • Up to 2 recipes accepted per blogger, as long as each one fits this month’s theme.

  • Feel free to link up to past posts but please, update them with links to the challenge pages to qualify.

  • Closing date is 27 December at 00.00.

  • The winner will be announced at the end of the month via Twitter and on the challenge round-up at the end of the month.

  • Entries from bloggers all around the World are accepted for the purpose of the round-up but unfortunately the prize can only be shipped within UK.

  • We can’t wait to see your Inheritance Recipes!

    Please note that entries that fail to follow “how to enter” instructions won’t be approved



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