Creamy Shredded Parsnip Bake

When so many articles are written about heritage vegetables, so many gardeners trying out older varieties, it's slightly ironic to think that there is such  a vegetable which has been bubbling in our pots  since the middle ages without us paying very much attention to it. Poor old Parsnip.

When the potato first arrived on the old continent, it must have been such as thrill that understandably it eclipsed all others. The much loved daucus pastinaca, carrot for you and me played second fiddle to the potato. Others slowly sank in the background such as cardoons.

As for pastinaca parsnip, oh yes same family as the carrot, it continued to appear on the menu in the North of Europe but disappeared from the south. Few French people cook "parnais" and in Great Britain, parsnip is often baked or used in soups.

So surprise every one with this delicious recipe of
Shredded Creamy Parsnip Parsnip Bake
250g double cream
400g shredded parsnips
milk (optional)
dot of butter
enough grated cheddar to cover the dish

Preheat the oven to 180 C Grease an oven dish
layer half the shredded parsnip add the cream, season
repeat the layering if it looks too dry add a little milk
sprinkle cheddar on the top
dot with butter.

This is one of my favourite recipe which was passed down to me by His mother so it's a pleasure to add it to this month #InheritanceRecipes :Eat Your Greens hosted here and shared with Coffee & Vanilla

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Phil in the Kitchen said...

I don't think I've ever tried cooking shredded parsnip and it sounds like an excellent idea to me. Definitely a vegetable that's not used enough and perfect for this time of year. I have noticed in the last ten years or so that parsnips are turning up more and more in French markets and restaurants, probably as a result of the effort to promote more veg for health. I came across a lovely dish of parsnips cooked with Pineau des Charentes a few years ago that I'm still trying to reproduce.

All That I'm Eating said...

I love parsnips! I know what you mean though, it never gets much of a fuss made about it. This sounds like a splendid thing to do with them.

Margot said...

I like roasted parsnips and fried in risotto but I have never thought of baking them... sounds interesting, especially with addition of cheese! :)

Pebble Soup said...

Hi Phil,
I'm glad to hear that French markets are carrying it more. My friend Pat who is keen on ancient variety of veggies calls them partnay.

Pebble Soup said...

Hi Margot,
I've never tried parsnips in risotto, an oversight which I'll soon rectify.
thanks for dropping in



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